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BOSSCup Rules & Information (sticky) written by ocky, 2011-05-22 11:10 CEST (7 comments)

BOSSCup #5 Important Information
Sign-Ups: Signup Phase Active Now!!!
Sign-Up Deadline: 11:00 AM EST 9/25/2011
Check In: Phase: 11:00AM EST 9/25/2011
Check In End: 12:00 AM EST 9/25/2011
CupStart: 12:15 PM EST 9/25/2011
Cup Room: XP League Room
Prize: $25.00

BOSSCup Rules & Information

(1) Registration
1.0 All players must sign-up before the sign up deadline is met to participate in the tournament.
1.1 All sign-ups must be analogous to their Garena account. No "smurfing" is allowed. Players caught doing so will result in immediate disqualification, and banned from the e-SportsCentral Cup tournaments.
1.2 PLayers must check in at the given time. Failure to check-in will result in removal of your sign-up.

(2) Hosting & Game

2.0 Players are to host the specified maps given in the map pool. Map must be blizzard.
2.1 A neutral host is not required to play your match, however, a player can request a neutral host. If a neutral host is requested, the player has 15 minutes to find a suitable host, or a host will be appointed to your match by admin decesion.
2.2 All replays must be saved in the event that a possible cheater is suspected to prove your claim.
2.3 In the event of a disconnect, the admin will review the replay to decide weather or not there will be a regame or not. If one player has a very significant advantage over the other, the player who disconnected will forfeit the match and the admin decision is final.
2.4 All players must report their win to an admin, so they may advance you through the bracket.
2.5 In the case of a player who has checked-in but is not seen present, they will be given 20 minutes to return to the tournament or they will forfeit that match.
2.6 Players must play the race they have selected in the lobby screen, switching your race as the timer is counting down will result in a FF for that match, unless the other player agrees to continue.
2.7 Players may play their game on battle.net if both players agree.

(3) Map Pool
Terenas Stand
Secret Valley
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Echo Isles
Ancient Isles 2

3.0 Before each match, players will veto the maps until their is 1 map left in the map pool. The last map left in the map pool will be the map the match is played on.
3.1 In bo3 rounds and the final round (bo5) players will veto a map until there is the remaining number of maps left for the series being played either bo3 or bo5.
3.2 In bo3 and bo5 rounds the losing player will pick the next map in the remaining map pool.

(4) Payment
4.0 To receive payment upon winning the tournament players are highly encouraged to have a PayPal account.
4.1 In the event that players do not have a PayPal account you will need to provide your address to admin to receive payment, in the form of cash.

e-Sports Central Cup Champions

#1 DkH.WarchiefRich
#2 WebMex.Rudan
#3 WebMex.Rudan
#4 WebMex.Rudan
#5 A.1st_LawLiet

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